Tags and Labels for the Nursery Industry

Seasonal and Specialty Tags

For specialty branded products and special seasons that deserve a compelling touch, consider Macore's specialty and seasonal tags. Let them help turn your product into the perfect plant for that special need.

Specialty Branded Tags

Macore has worked for years with propagators and breeders around the world to meet their expectations for branding and proper presentation of their product on tags and labels. Whether using names, descriptions, photos or logos, Macore works with many marketing departments to put you as a grower in the best position possible to sell brand name products. Above you can see examples of the Ball line of products that Macore is approved to print for growers.

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Seasonal Series One Tags

Our Series One versions of Mother's Day and Christmas tags and labels offer standard tags with the look of a custom program. All Series One tags are printed with a beautiful seasonal design and come right off the shelf. These tags are blank on the back where you can place a UPC adhesive sticker or logo sticker. These tag designs work on baskets, in pots, and on wreaths or trees.

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Seasonal Series Two Tags

Our Series Two tags and labels have a wide range of tag styles available with a wonderful art preset on each style. Each tag is ready to be set up with your variety photo, name and information on the front or back. The result is a customized, seasonal tag that is specific to your variety needs. Let us help you connect your quality product to these two wonderful seasons! Give us a call today.

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