Tags and Labels for the Nursery Industry

Our Products

We are proud to offer a beautiful line of standard tags, creative assistance with custom projects and assorted production/retail aids. Macore works with all size growers on either simple or complex orders. See below for the different products that Macore can supply for you, then look through our catalog.

Plant Stakes

Known across the country for performance and color, Macore has been providing custom and standard plant stakes since the company's beginning. Our Standard 4 styles come in 5 sizes with their own art.

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Basket Tags

Our basket tags are a favorite among growers. Our new H2D tag in our catalog is one of the finest Standard basket tags in the industry.

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Nursery Hang & Push-On Tags

We have a wide selection of hang tag sizes and push-on tag shapes with a beautiful Standard art package.

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Custom Tags and Pack Handles

We produce many custom designs and art for all kinds of programs including national branding efforts. Our Standard tag line-up is easily modified with logos or UPCs.

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Seasonal and Specialty Tags

Macore has 23 different tag size options for Christmas or Mother's Day using multiple art styles. We are also approved to print several Ball Seed special programs. Take a look and see!

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Wrap Around and Utility Tags

Our wrap-around tags provide a 1st class image (color or b/w) in a professional way that only offset printing can provide. Our standard b/w tag lineup provides various sizes to meet your different needs.

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Grower & Retailer Products

You can order blank tags, heavy plastic stakes, retail signs or custom sign/pricing options. We can also help you create, print and mail your catalog!

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